Learn how a Powerflush can benefit you.

Why power flush a heating system?

A power flush for a heating system is like a service for your heating system.When you service your boiler, you are only looking at the internal components of the gas or oil boiler.A power flush will clean the entire heating system, including the boilers heat exchangers.

Cleaning them, will remove any grime, sludge or lime build-up which reduces the efficiency of the entire heating system.Grime on radiators will cause cold spots and will reduce the amount of heat that a radiator are let out.Grime in a pump will cause additional wear and strain on the pump and will eventually stop it working.This will stop your entire heating system from operating.Grime build-up on your boilers heat exchangers will cause them to output less heat than when they were new.

The power flush chemicals will be forced around the entire heating system pipework and radiators and cylinder and this will get them shining internally.When we have finished with the cleaning chemical, we will input a system inhibitor to your heating system.This will prevent future build-up of grime, sludge or lime.

A Power flush is not required on all heating systems, though it can be beneficial for solving lots of heating system problems.

What happens during a power flush?

  • The power flushing machine is connected into the heating system, either across the pump couplings, at radiator connections, or wherever makes most sense on your heating system.
  • Power flushing works by pumping water and chemicals at a high velocity through the heating system, to loosen and mobilise harmful corrosion deposits and to suspend them in the the moving water.The process is improved by the use of cleansing chemicals.
  • A flow reverse device, which creates turbulence in the pipes and rads will help “mobilise” and loosen the blockage.
  • The dirt filled water from your heating system is replaced with clean water and it is sent to a local drain. During the power flushing process, radiators are individually flushed by directing the full output of the machine through each radiator, one at a time.
  • When the power flush is completed your heating system is filled up with clean water and inhibitor to prevent further build up.

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